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Hi my name is Steve Cipparito and I would like to share with you my weight loss success story.  Before I dive into my personal story, I want you to know that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.  I am your average "Joe".  Most of what I learned was from reading books about weight loss, talking to people that lost weight, watching TV and doing research on internet web sites for weight loss programs.  I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I am very happy with the end result and my life has changed drastically for the better.

I was not an overweight child for the first eight years of my life.  I was actually pretty skinny, but this all changed when I went to a local day camp at the age of nine.  That summer I was known for being able to "out-eat" anybody.  This included almost eating a pie of pizza by myself.  For a nine year old, this was no small feat.  I would eat donuts, cookies, ice cream and anything I could get my hands one.  By the time the summer was over I could no longer fit into my clothes anymore.  I entered school that fall as a different kid.  Some of my friends didn't recognize me.  I gained over 25 pounds.

Not much changed for me over the next several years.  My eating habits only grew.  I tried a few weight loss diets, but drinking chocolate shakes was not what I considered a "meal".  My parents were going to send me to weight loss camp, but I refused to go.  More of anything, I was afraid I would starve there.  My mom said it is a "healthy weight loss" program.  I would have nothing of it.

In high school, I was 5'11 and weighed close to 250 pounds. I was a good student, but had trouble dating and was often picked on by older kids.  Luckily my sense of humor was what kept me going along with my friends business I helped him with.

I'll never forget the day my life changed.  I was at my locker getting books for my next class and two girls came over to me and asked me if they could ask me a question.  I turned beet red from embarrassment and said "yes" eagerly.  The one girl looked at me very seriously and said quite loudly - "WHY ARE YOU SO FAT??!?!"  She laughed and ran down the hall.  I was so upset with my weight problem.  I slammed my locker shut and decided TODAY is the day I am changing my life and am going to lose the weight now.

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