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Weight Loss Camp

I think weight loss camp is a great idea if you are able to get away for a few weeks (or longer).  A weight loss camp will put you in a strict environment where your meals are rationed and calories are counted.  It is also a place where you can socialize and interact with people going through the same experience as you.

Although, weight loss camp is not something everybody can do.  In today's word if you have four weeks off a year, that is a lot, but you might want to look into your health insurance benefits.  Some insurance coverage might cover fees associated with weight loss camp.

Remember the key to success is your personal will.  If you do not have the will to continue to watch your diet and exercise after weight loss camp, you will not succeed and most likely return again.  A friend of mine used to go every summer.  You need to take what you learn at weight loss camp and apply it to your daily life when you return.


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