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Weight Loss Success Story

weight loss success storyThere are a lot of weight loss success stories out there.  If you are to have a weight loss success story, you need to stick to the game plan from day one.  When I was dieting, I always remembered this one phrase my friend Kevin told me one day "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips."  This couldn't be more true in American society.  From that moment if there was something I wanted to eat, I would visualize eating and tasting it.  Honestly, this worked often.  I would just think to the last time I had that slice of pizza or hamburger and then move on.  This can help you have your own weight loss success story as well.

Just remember it goes down a lot faster than you can lose it.  If you ate a 500 calorie meal, it could take you up to 10 hours to burn that off during moderate movement. 


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